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Complete System Rebuilds

B720 series Engraver Rebuild

In an effort to supply the existing customer base with the best possible support, Retro Technologies Inc. now offers a complete system rebuild. This process provides extended system longevity, an easier user interface, reduced circuitry and increased overall reliability.


Older engraving systems are prone to intermittent and random failures that result in cylinder losses. These problems are the most difficult to correct because of their random nature. Frequently, these problems are the result of aging wiring as well as corroded connections and contacts. Additional sources of failures arise from the controlling circuitry of the B720 itself.

The B720 was designed to interface with a scanner and allow an operator to manipulate the scanned data in a variety of ways to achieve the desired engraved results. With the introduction of computer controlled engraving, the B720 systems have become stand alone engravers that never utilize the scanner circuitry embedded in them. This unused circuitry is also a cause of many unnecessary cylinder cutoffs.


  • Utilizes current and field proven electronics.
  • Replaces all wiring harnesses, cables and connections.
  • Totally rebuilds the control and power cabinets each of their associated electrical panels.
  • Removes unused and unnecessary circuitry.
  • Reduces the number of control printed circuit boards from 13 down to 2.
  • Replaces the existing control panel with a simplified and easier to use control panel.
  • Increases system's potential longevity by bringing it up to the most current electronics as well as being completely rewired.
  • Can be installed onsite with a minimum of disruption to production.
  • A system can also be shipped to Retro Technologies Inc. for repainting and mechanical rework if desired.
   Kaman Meter
 Opto PCB
 Remote Lower Head
 Head Current Cutoff
 Auto Vacuum Cutoff
 Cylinder Drive Latch
 Multi-Boost Engrave Head
 Vacuum System
 Main Drive System
 Remote Cylinder Rotate
 Complete System Rebuilds