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Kaman Meter

For those of you with High Speed and High Output engraving heads, we offer the Kaman Meter.

Typically, when a Kaman Probe gets dirty or mis-aligned, it will cease to function properly and ruin a cylinder. In addition, cleaning and re-aligning a Probe can be a difficult and time-consuming process.

This meter is designed with simple to read; RED, YELLOW and GREEN LEDs that allow you to take corrective action BEFORE a cylinder starts engraving.

You will know when your Kaman Probe needs cleaning and, by simply looking at the LED display, be able to quickly and accurately reinstall it anytime it needs to be done.

   Kaman Meter
 Opto PCB
 Remote Lower Head
 Head Current Cutoff
 Auto Vacuum Cutoff
 Cylinder Drive Latch
 Multi-Boost Engrave Head
 Vacuum System
 Main Drive System
 Remote Cylinder Rotate
 Complete System Rebuilds